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Slumbersac is an online only retailer of sleeping bags (also known as sleep sacks or grow bags) for babies and children. In addition to standard sleeping bags, our extensive range includes travel bags, down bags, winter and summer ranges, and more. Established over twelve years, we have seen huge growth over the last five years since the company was taken over by Karina Grassy, the current owner, and we are now firmly established as one of the market leaders in this field. Sleep sacks for babies and children have become increasingly popular over the last decade, and the majority of parents now use them at some point in their children’s lives. Slumbersac’s sleeping bags are designed in house and made exclusively for us to exacting standards. One of our key selling points is the value that we offer – Our sleeping bags are less expensive than many of our competitors but are of comparable quality, and we also offer free P&P. In addition to price, there are many persuasive reasons why customers choose our products, including: Health – sleep sacks keep babies at a stable temperature and remove the risk of bedding covering a baby’s face. Overheating and suffocation are two of the main factors implicated in cot death. Quality of sleep – babies and toddlers can’t kick off a sleeping bag like they can sheets and blankets, so they will be more comfortable and less likely to wake up i Convenience – sleeping bags are easy to wash and dry and with no sheets and blankets, there’s no need to make the bed. Innovation – we are always looking for new ideas we can quickly introduce new products where we see there is a need. For example, our latest range (‘Sleeping bags with feet’) scored very highly in our research and has sold very well since its recent introduction. This is an item that none of our competitors offer. Our site is simple and easy to navigate, and each product includes multiple illustrations to help customers. Additionally, we have information pages to assist customers in selecting an appropriate size and weight for their sleeping bag. Our average order value and conversion rate are excellent, and we have many repeat customers.

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